Terms and conditions

Copa Vacations sells its products through Price Res S.A.S. with Registro Nacional de Turismo: 38649, a company incorporated under the laws of Colombia, which offers its technology infrastructure to Copa Airlines customers in Colombia. Price Res S.A.S. is responsible for the sale of the travel packages offered on this platform. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the user represents that he or she is aware and expressly accepts that via this platform, he or she is purchasing directly from Price Res S.A.S., the company that will be liable for any actual or consequential damages that may arise from the purchase of the travel packages.

  1. Booking policy

    The rates published on this website are valid only on the day they are quoted and are subject to change without prior notice. The rates shown are guaranteed upon receipt of the respective payment. All bookings are subject to availability. A confirmation code will be issued upon receipt of payment in full.

    When booking online or by telephone, the customer authorizes the use of his or her credit card number to make the payment, and expressly confirms that he or she is familiar with and accepts our booking, payment, limitation of liability, and cancelation policies, many of which depend on the tourism service providers. All changes to bookings are subject to availability and revision of rates when change fees apply. The client is required to print his or her booking confirmation and present it to receive the services booked.

  2. Payment policy

    For online bookings, we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Diners credit cards. If you purchase online or by telephone, the payment for your booking will be charged immediately to your credit or debit card or checking account, depending on the payment method selected.

    When paying for international transactions or transactions performed outside of the country where you opened your credit card account, your financial institution may block or suspend your credit card until you contact them to confirm your account information. Therefore, to avoid any problems when purchasing on our website, we recommend that you:

    • Confirm all details of the credit card you plan to use to make your purchase.
    • Contact your financial institution before making an online purchase, to learn about any conditions that may apply to purchases made outside of your country of residence, international purchases, and online purchases.

    Price Res S.A.S. is not responsible if your financial institution refuses to authorize payment for your booking.

  3. Electronic payments

    To have a payment reversed upon becoming aware of any fraudulent or unauthorized transaction, the customer must notify the provider of the electronic payment service used to make the purchase. The electronic payment service provider, together with the other entities involved in the payment process, will reverse the transaction.


    1. General information

      Price Res S.A.S. deals in services that meet its own quality and service standards, including but not limited to accommodations, ground transportation, and air transportation, selecting only the most qualified and respected providers in the market. Price Res S.A.S. is responsible vis-à-vis those who purchase services via its website. The customer hereby authorizes Price Res S.A.S. to act as the seller for the purpose of engaging the various services selected to comprise the travel package.

      Price Res protects its customers’ information in accordance with the laws in force in Colombia regarding the protection of personal data—specifically, Law 1266 of 2008, Law 1581 of 2012, and Decree 1377 of 2013 (and any laws, rules, or regulations amending, adding to, or repealing them). In addition, Price Res S.A.S. processes personal information and data in accordance with its Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy.

    2. Price Res S.A.S. represents that:

      Price Res S.A.S. is subject to the rating system established by the Colombian Hotel and Tourism Association (COTELCO) in the Technical/Sectoral Standard of 2009, entitled: Rating system for lodging and accommodation providers. Hotel star ratings. It is important to note that COTELCO rates hotels up to 5 stars, in accordance with Colombian law. However, the PRICE RES website offers hotels rated up to 6 stars, because the site includes some hotels located in other countries where the rating systems go up to 6 stars. The descriptions of the travel services are updated by Price Res S.A.S. on an ongoing basis. Any written complaint against Price Res S.A.S. or notification addressed to Price Res S.A.S. must be received no later than thirty (30) days after the trip has ended. Under all circumstances, such complaints or notifications must be in accordance with the terms of the Colombian Consumer Law. You may contact us as indicated at this link.

    3. Liability regime

      Price Res S.A.S. is subject to the liability regime established in Law 300 of 1996; Regulation 1075 of 1997, which is a regulation having the force of law; Decree 2438 of 2010; and any laws, rules, or regulations amending, adding to, or repealing them. In addition, Price Res S.A.S. is subject to Law 1480 of 2011 (the “Consumer Law”). The liability of the travel plan or package organizer is limited by the terms and conditions of the program which relate to the provision and quality of the services.

      Reimbursement policies for refundable services that are not provided due to acts of God, force majeure events, or acts or omissions of third parties or of the passenger, not attributable to Price Res S.A.S., before or during the trip, will be established by each operator. Such policies, as well as the percentages of any penalties or deductions that may apply, will be confirmed to the user when the services are booked and the travel documents are issued, and must be in accordance with the laws, rules, and regulations on airfare and the Consumer Law.

      Price Res S.A.S. is not jointly and severally liable for any refunds requested. Refunds, if applicable, will be made within 30 calendar days of the request. The percentage refunded will depend on the provider’s conditions and the administrative expenses incurred by the agency from such time as all of the services are booked. If a visa is required for a trip, Price Res S.A.S. may provide guidance to determine whether or not a visa is needed and where to apply for a visa. The consular authorities are solely responsible for all matters related to the visa application process, including the documents requested, the consideration of the application, the cost and duration of the application process, and the approval or denial of the application.

      The specific conditions of each plan will set forth the form of payment. The passenger will be informed of any cancelation policies, penalties, restrictions, and specific conditions applicable to the package when the travel documents are issued. The customer represents that he or she is familiar with and expressly and irrevocably accepts these conditions, which constitute the sole and complete agreement, excluding any legal agreement or provision to the contrary, regarding the terms, conditions, and restrictions of the services purchased. Additional terms and conditions may apply to bookings and purchases of services and to other sections of this site, according to the provider of specific services, and you, the user, agree that you accept such terms and conditions.

    4. Cancelation policies and right to withdraw

      The cancelation policies applicable to each service will be disclosed during the specific booking process. The general right to withdraw from purchases is governed by the Colombian Consumer Law, which establishes, among other requirements, that the right to withdraw must be exercised by the consumer within five (5) days of when the transaction is completed, provided that the services are not purchased to be provided before those five (5) days have elapsed. In the event that the consumer exercises the right to withdraw, the agreement will be deemed to have been terminated, and the money paid by the consumer will be refunded. The costs of the transaction will be paid by the consumer. In other words, the administrative fee will not be refunded, since it is a mandatory airfare surcharge, which applies to sales of domestic and international passenger air transportation services. This refund will be made within thirty (30) calendar days of when the consumer exercises the right to withdraw.

    5. Cancelations

      The user may cancel services that have been requested and engaged, and he or she will be entitled to return in accordance with the conditions under which each service was engaged and the date when the cancelation was requested. In addition, the general conditions of the cancelation policies are available here. Price Res S.A.S. will not be liable for any claim, cost, or expense resulting from personal injury to the user or to third parties, any accident or death, any loss of or damage to personal effects, or any lack of enjoyment, anger, disappointment, distress, or frustration (either mental or physical) that may result from the following causes:

      Acts or omissions of any party other than Price Res S.A.S. or its employees; illness, theft, labor disputes, strikes, mechanical failures, quarantines, governmental actions, weather conditions, or any other cause not under the direct control of Price Res S.A.S.; inability of the customer to travel due to lack of the required documents, including but not limited to passports valid for at least 6 months after the start date of the trip, visas, personal identification, and prescriptions or medical documents and certificates. Price Res S.A.S. is not liable to the customer or to any third party for the customer’s lack of or inability to obtain documents. Failure of the customer to follow instructions, including but not limited to flight departure schedules and hotel arrival and departure times and dates. Cancelation of or changes to the travel services offered, for any reason. Price Res S.A.S. reserves the right to cancel or change the services published, but will attempt to substitute similar services. If a booking must be cancelled, the liability of Price Res S.A.S. will be limited to reimbursement of all money paid by the customer. Full reimbursements do not apply when the trip must be cancelled, interrupted, or postponed by Price Res S.A.S. for reasons beyond its control (force majeure events, including but not limited to weather conditions, hurricanes, earthquakes, strikes, war, terrorist acts, etc.), or when, due to breach by customers, the contractual obligations of Price Res S.A.S. to its vendors do not permit Price Res S.A.S. to obtain a refund of the amount paid or to be paid to the vendor on behalf of the customer. In these cases, Price Res S.A.S. reserves the right to retain 10% of the total amount paid for the booking as an administrative fee. Although we update rates on an ongoing basis, there is a remote chance that rates may change without prior notice due to contingencies or force majeure events. In these cases, the vendor may not have any way to update rates quickly. However, the vendor will take the steps available to it to inform customers in a timely manner. Price Res S.A.S. makes periodic revisions, during which there may be discrepancies between the price paid for the booking and the price required to use the service. In the event of rate changes resulting in a lower price, the lower price will be charged, and the difference will be refunded. In the event of rate changes resulting in a higher price, one of our Trip Advisors will contact the customer and inform him or her of the change. If the customer does not agree to the change, Price Res S.A.S. will refund the customer 100% of the sum paid; however, Price Res S.A.S. is not liable for any claims or inconvenience resulting from the rate change or the cancelation of the booking.

    6. Policy of commitment to prevent and combat child sexual tourism.

      Price Res S.A.S. is committed to upholding Law 679 of 2001, which provides for the establishment of rules and regulations to prevent and combat exploitation, pornography, and child sexual tourism to and from Colombia, in accordance with Article 44 of the Colombian Constitution.

      In this regard, it is our duty to inform all of our users and customers of Article 17 of Law 679 of 2001: Exploitation and sexual abuse of minors are punishable by criminal and administrative penalties in Colombia.

    7. Updates

      PRICE RES S.A.S. and its contributors will make changes periodically in order to update information. As a condition of using this site, you warrant that you will not engage in any illegal activity or any activity prohibited in the aforementioned terms, conditions, and requirements.

      PRICE RES S.A.S. may update these Terms and Conditions at any time. Consequently, customers are responsible for reviewing, prior to any transaction, the Terms and Conditions in effect on this site.